Birmingham Folk Fest

Updated: 1/16/2020


Folk music arguably possesses the greatest diversity of musicianship and cultural backgrounds of almost any art form; notwithstanding, the pluralism that is present within this form of music and storytelling also fosters a unifying quality. Pete Seeger, a prominent folk musician, observed the way folk music, through its honest songwriting and storytelling, could help us “learn about ourselves...and learn about each other.” It is paramount that we get to work in communities that have historically alienated others from full participation in citizenship, through sharing songs and stories that, in Pete Seeger’s words, help us to see “where we came from, the trials of those who came before us, and the good times and the bad.” Unlike other art forms that are abstract, commercially polished, or avantgarde, folk music is inclusive by nature, and through relying on the poetry of everyday life and identifying with the plight of one’s neighbors, seeks to find commonality between the performer and the listener.

Birmingham Folk Fest will foster a sense of community between the folk musicians and citizens of Greater Birmingham, Alabama, through showcasing the common heritage found among racially and culturally diverse expressions of folk music.